The Formula

The Cachelle range of shoes feature a superior, top of the market, gel formula, which is internally constructed into our shoes footbed, allowing for exquisite style without baring the sacrifice.

The gel pillow that is engineered into each pair of Cachelle shoes has been specifically chosen as it is like no other on the market currently, providing ultimate relieve, it has been designed to absorb loading peaks at an extraordinary level and redistribute these forces over the whole foot area, in turn, giving relieve to the muscles, ligaments and joints.

Our intelligent gel formula provides a unique memory type effect, which allows it to form its original shape once the load has been removed; this creates relief with every step.

Our Technology

Cachelle’s innovative, soft gel technology, stands out with its elasto-mechanical properties and extraordinary cushioning effects, by forming itself to each individuals exact foot shape an unprecedented amount of relief is felt underneath the foot. Due to the gel materials unique elements, shoe application is ideal, as it is characterized by the following properties:

  • excellent stability and pressure distribution,
  • non-toxic,
  • water resistant,
  • and the extraordinary ability to absorb shock elements.

In addition, our cutting-edge gel has a high thermal conductivity preventing any overheating of the foot.

Unlike additional inserts which alter the fit of shoes, cause slipping and come unstuck, the integrated gel pillow in Cachelle shoes forms perfectly to each individual’s foot shape and provides advanced impact support.

The Cachelle range of shoes provides hidden, natural cushioning for your heels and soles, making it a well sort after advancement to the high heel industry.