The Brand

Cachelle, in collaboration with one of Europeโ€™s leading footwear concept and design companies, have developed a ground breaking advancement to the beloved high heel shoe.

Founded by young Australian Designer, Cachelle Davison, the Cachelle Range of shoes features an incredible innersole with exclusive gel technology, which is carefully constructed inside the shoe frame and offers superb cushioning and a new kind of comfort; never been seen before our shoes feature impeccable designs matched with a new and advanced technology. Our top of the range, built in innersoles respond to the exact foot shape of the wearer due to the outstanding shock absorber properties.

Constantly evolving and modernizing, our quality and unique technology is at the core of our brand mission.

With an understanding for essential sophistication, contrasts, and pure lines, the Cachelle Range reveals amazing beauty through form and colour to enhance discreet elegance and a seductive charm.

Our Difference

Unlike additional inserts which alter the fit of shoes, cause slipping and come unstuck, the integrated gel pillow in Cachelle shoes forms perfectly to each individualโ€™s foot shape and provides cushioned impact support.

Our Mission

Designer Cachelle Davison strives to maintain the high fashion, beautiful aspects of high heel shoes but with a modest, yet ingenious added advancement. โ€œWith our designs and hidden engineered cushioned soles, Cachelle fits into the everyday market and allows women to still feel poised and stylish without baring the style sacrifice.